Dear friends and neighbors,

It is my honor to serve the individuals of House District 28, part of Scarborough, as a state representative.

With my experience serving in the Maine Legislature and with my career in the dental health field, I listen to the needs and concerns of many people. As a wife and working mother of three adult sons, and an active member of the Scarborough community for 30 years, I understand how tough it can be to make ends meet.

As a legislator, I promise to continue working hard for the people of Scarborough on such priorities as government transparency, prioritizing our limited resources, protecting safety net programs for the vulnerable, safeguarding our liberties, and promoting job growth and opportunity for all Maine citizens so that we can grow a healthy and vibrant economy. As your state representative, l will also continue to base my votes on facts, research, and constituent input.

Since 2010 the Maine Legislature has successfully worked across the aisle to get things done. Some of the accomplishments that make me proudest include:

  • JOBS! Maine’s unemployment rate continues to drop and thousands of new private sector jobs have been created, which also results in a reduction in temporary welfare cash assistance as more people re-enter the workforce.
  • Welfare Reform resulting in voluntary photos on EBT cards to reduce fraud and a prohibition on using cash welfare to purchase lottery tickets, alcohol, cigarettes, tattoos, and adult entertainment.
  • Cutting Taxes with the largest across-the-board state income tax cut in Maine’s history.
  • Tax Conformity helps our business owners invest and grow their businesses by conforming Maine’s tax code to the new federal code.
  • Paying Maine’s Hospitals $750 Million in overdue welfare bills.
  • Eliminating the state income tax for military pensions.
  • Providing tuition waivers for our veterans.
  • Increasing the Homestead Exemption, Property Tax Relief Program, and funding for public schools to help ease the local property tax burden.
  • Balancing the Budget without raising taxes.
  • Repealing the automatic gas tax increase.
  • Rebuilding our aging infrastructure-bridges,roads, etc.
  • Strengthening our commitment to students, education, and public schools with increased funding.
  • Expanding school choice
  • Tackling Maine’s Drug Crisis with new drug agents to stop traffickers and increasing access to substance abuse treatment
  • Stopping Medicaid expansion, which will save hardworking taxpayers $800 million in the next ten years!

You can count on me to work hard, research the issues, and not walk away from tough votes.

It is always nice to hear from constituents. If you need help or have concerns regarding legislative matters, please feel free to contact me anytime.


House District 28
District 128 Map

House District 28 is identified in light green.